We believe in gender equality. Between men and women. Between client and ad agency.

Collective ethos reflects shared values and wins clients’ trust

Right from Day One, the corporate culture of Pixel Boy is carefully cultivated and jealously guarded. When a Pixel Boy team member responds to a client’s requirement, he may adopt his own communication methods and his own style to establish rapport. But he will instinctively apply the ethical standards and values of the organization. As a consequence, with every client-interaction, the organization garners trust and the Pixel Boy brand-value increases. Client needs are priority, and so are family needs. Everyone in the Pixel Boy team knows and recognizes this complementary force between life at work and life at home. This attitude enables them to achieve a perfect work-life balance, and the Pixel Boy culture makes it even easier. Our employees interact with one another gently and kindly, and have mutual respect for their talents.

Work atmosphere conducive to multitude of ideas, debates and synthesis

We ensure a working atmosphere that encourages them to offer their ideas boldly and debate them with passion. This freedom unfailingly generates great ideas, stunning solutions, and brilliant breakthroughs. Happy at work and happy at home, we as a team manage emergencies and deadlines with purpose, determination and cool. It is simple if you consider that you have not just 24 hours every day, but 24 hours times the strength of your team. Given the enthusiasm of the team, that is an enormous amount of time in a single day. As regards work, in particular, the Pixel Boy team approaches a project, small or big, with gusto – as it would when tucking into a delicious meal or embarking on an exhilarating adventure.