From early on, we just told our clients a couple of things that form the essence of our approach.

We know how to make truth look beautiful.
We persuade with reason, candour and originality.

Collaboration with a clear objective, with egos flung into oblivion

And, we have consistently made sure that our work reflects this essence. We understand a client-relationship to be one of collaborative engagement. “Our approach to advertising is simple. We ask clients and ourselves all the difficult questions”. Slowly but steadily, the team got opportunities and experienced the thrill of interpreting client’s brief, exploring directions and short-listing the most promising, creating an avalanche of ideas and possibilities through an insane, diabolic brainstorming, and finally seeing flickers of light at the end of the tunnel. And, of course, translating the one big, bold and beautiful idea into concrete creative units is so uniquely satisfying an experience that we never tire of repeating it again and again.