Madhavan Sankara founded Pixel Boy in 2005. He was then alone, but had a clear vision for company: When an American or a British or French brand can become global and, more important, woo and win consumers in India, why can’t Indian brands become global and make a similar impact across the world? “I see many brands in India screaming with potential. Given a chance, they could be big, global brands. I want to translate that potential and make them what they should be.”

He believed that Indian brands can most certainly become global and not just compete with the best but also persuade consumers across the globe to try and embrace new habits and lifestyles that draw their essence from another culture. He soon found a lieutenant who shared his enthusiasm for advertising and passion for building brands. To begin with, Madhavan adopted this mantra: “For now, we substitute diligence for inexperience. Soon, we will be diligent and experienced.”

Long, tough journey, but milestones crossed with clear vision

Madhavan knew that the journey was long and tough and even small successes would call for tremendous patience and perseverance. He was keenly aware that it would take long for his clients and associates to appreciate his vision and dream, but he was absolutely sure that their confidence could be won by developing two important assets: integrity and creativity. Madhavan strove to nurture and build these two assets, which would define and distinguish Pixel Boy and make it a strong agency brand – a brand that would command respect and trust, from potential and prospective clients alike, for its ability to produce advertising that sells consistently and builds brands.