Pixel Boy understands all the ramifications of brand-building and follows a cohesive approach to ensure a brand’s familiarity and acceptance with its consumers, its survival and strength through competitive phases of its development, and its durability and stature.

Pixel Boy brings passion and method to the task of:

  • Creating awareness of a brand;
  • Placing the brand strongly and firmly in the minds of its consumers;
  • Sustaining its position of dominance by constantly engaging with the consumers, thereby reinforcing and enhancing their positive experiences that accompany the use of the brand; and
  • Refreshing the brand’s relevance and utility in their minds, thereby rewarding their loyalty and earning their continued patronage and goodwill.

Composing a symphony, communicating brand strategy

Formulating brand strategy and executing it is quite like writing a symphony and performing it. As a composer, once you are sufficiently inspired and have the dominant emotions and their interplay defined in your head, you then summon phrases, themes and variations, and movements on the dominant idea. As you go along you string the pieces together, and connect them as you allow the musical components exploratory freedom and yet setting boundaries, determining the instrumentation, doing it all intuitively and inventively, with immersive abandon. This playful but penetrative effort yields a structure infused with melody, harmony and, most important, unity. This structure and composition, when translated into a performance, moves and touches the audience, and binds itself with the audience.

Likewise, we build your brand by understanding its characteristics and aspirations, and convey the brand message through powerfully relevant and unforgettable communication design–yes, that’s right , Communication Design, for communication to us is much more than mere words and design is much more than mere pictures. Communication Design is about getting messages across to an audience by combining prose and poetry, photographs and illustrations, song and dance, geometry and aesthetics in a range of media.Pixel Boy team strives to keep itself abreast of trends and developments in various media, and also sustains its deep interest in linguistics and communication arts through continuous learning, discussion and exposure.