Brand This and Brand That…

Brand Identity. Brand Personality. Brand Language. Brand Architecture. Brand Value. Brand Equity. Brand Management. Brand Orientation. Brand Promise. Brand Awareness. Brand Parity. Brand Loyalty.

Wow, that’s a truckload of ‘brand’ stuff, and anyone who is in the business of selling or in advertising would surely have heard or seen these phrases in sales pitches and strategy presentations. We at Pixel Boy do not indulge in throwing these phrases about, just to sound savvy and smart. Nor do we kid ourselves by trying to school our clients on these weighty terms.

Pixel Boy listens to its clients and learns from them

Depending upon the current status of your brand, we engage you in a simple yet immensely valuable dialogue – Discovery Dialogue. We ask you simple questions concerning your brand such as:

  • Where does the brand belong in its class?
  • Does the brand occupy the position (in the consumer’s mind) it truly deserves?
  • Have you supported it fully and consistently?
  • Does it have the potential, not quite properly converted, to command much greater consumer pull?

While listening to your answers, we not only gather all information about your brand – its intrinsic attributes and the experience it delivers the user – but also elicit your response about your ambitions for the brand, how far you have succeeded in realising those ambitions and how the gap can be bridged. This intense and candid exchange gets us working closely with you, sharing your passion for the brand by learning every bit there is to know about it, with the outcome being a systematic development of your brand.